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Subject: Removing extra blank pages in fo - including the TOC

Dear list,

I'm creating a pdf using the ant xslt task (and then converting fo to
pdf). Linux based, docbook-xsl-1.69.1.

Every part is on its own page, followed by a blank page, followed by the
part TOC, followed by a blank page, then goes the first chapter.

  PART I : first part
  blank                     // to remove
  PART TOC                  // to move to "part" page
  Chapter 1 : first chapter (and text)

I feel like having the TOC on the same page as where the part starts,
instead of having the part page just bearing its name. I just can't
figure out when a "page break" is generated, in the customization
layers. I guess the modification goes in the
    <xsl:template name="part.titlepage">
but I haven't been able to locate the reference to the TOC.

Any hints appreciated!


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