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Subject: Centering a table on a page with FO

I have a number of tables in a manual that our office produces. You can see the HTML output from the DocBook source at:


(I'm actually quite proud of this, having talked my boss into letting me use DocBook, and yet having few XML/XSLT/HTML/CSS skills.)

You can see that the tables on the various HTML pages are horizontally centered in the viewport. See, for example:


I want to be able to do the same for the print output, i.e. center a table horizontally on the page, if possible.

So, I'm pretty sure this question has been asked before, but because I am new to DocBook and XSLT, the answers that I found subsequent to a Google search seemed pretty complicated and involved using another table as a wrapper around the table I want to center.

Extraneous elements bother me more than a table aligned on the left margin. Is there a way to center a table on a page using the stock DocBook stylesheets and a customization layer, but not adding extra columns to a table or wrapping the table in another table? If not, I'm happy to live with the left-aligned table until the happy day when I *can* center it.




Mike Broschinsky
Administrative Code Editor
Utah State Division of Administrative Rules

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