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Subject: Admonitions in FO output


I'm having some trouble with admonitions and fop 0.20.5.

I've customized them so that the words "Note" or "Warning" or "Tip" or
whatever appear a bit above the paragraph(s), and the whole thing has a
thin black border and has a light gray background, so it looks like a

The problem is, if they happen to land close enough to a page bottom,
they page-break between the admonition title and the body. Looks lame.

I found a post where someone had a workaround for a similar problem
between formal objects and their titles, which works great. Essentially
they enclose the graphic and its caption in a table of one column and
one row. I tried to adapt this to admonitions but it's still breaking.

Any tips, anybody? I really hate to have to drop-place hard page breaks
and manage them as the document evolves... but I also really hate how
the broken boxes look on the printed page.


Alan C. Oehler
Sr. Technical Writer
XenSource, Inc.
Phone: 650.798.5900 x 240

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