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Subject: docbook xsl stylesheets: "in the section called"

I'm browsing through the docbook-xsl stylesheets trying to determine
which template rule outputs the phrase "in the section called".

I can see clearly in the common/en.xml, there is this:
 <l:gentext key="sectioncalled" text="the section called"/>

But where in the xsl stylesheets, is it using this gentext key?
Alternately, what is the easiest way to change the generated xref text
from "in the section called %t" to just "Section %n" (where %t is the
section title, and %n is the section number).

Following the instructions in the docbook-xsl documentation, I was
able to achieve exactly the kind of xrefs I wanted for Chapters,
Examples, Figures, Appendix, but it seems that Section is handled in a
special way.

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