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Subject: Using PassiveTex as a FO processor - windows

I have just begun playing wizard apprentice with docbook: when it come
to PDF rendering, I first tried the simplest way - FOP -, but I am
quite unsatisfied with the output quality: I need to use nested
ordered lists with inherited numbering, and at 3rd, 4th level the
result is terrible, as the text overlaps with the numbers.
I then tried with some commercial SW demo, with better results.
Later, googling, I found an article from "Using PassiveTeX with
docbook" Bob Stayton, and I wanted to follow his step-by-step guide.
Unfortunately I stopped early, as a "XML Typesetting" scheme does not
exist with TexLive 2005.
I tried and install PassiveTex manually, but it seems not to work.
Before getting into details about the errors I got, I am just
wondering if you could suggest me the correct way to install a Tex
system supporting PassiveTex from scratch, using TexLive 2005 on a
WinXP platform, or address me to an updated howto.
Later on, maybe I'll like to get deeper into Tex, but, up to now, I
would be satisfied in being able to get a PDF file from my XML file
better than the one produced by FOP and cheaper than the ones produced
by commercial processors.


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