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Subject: QandASet encapsulation and TOC

Hi list,

My intent is to include a QandASet in a book. The qandaset, as it will grow, will later be excluded and published as a separate book(?). My question is: what kind of root element do you use to encapsulate qandaset in a book? Chapter, appendix? I have tried both and had a problem with TOC. While my customization layer forces TOC to be present at the beginning of each chapter, it did not work for the one containing a qandaset divided into qandadivs. How can I insert a local TOC in such a case?

If qandaset is a separate document, what shall I use to encapsulate it to look similarly to a book but, of course, with title labeling specific to QandASets? I haven't found too much on qandaset in Docbook: TDG nor Docbook XSL (BTW, it's a great book).



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