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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] ANNOUNCE: DocBook XSL 1.70.0 released

On Thursday 18 May 2006 05:56, Euis Luhuanam wrote:
> Michael(tm) Smith wrote:
> > Version 1.70.0 of the DocBook XSL stylesheets is now available [...]
> Thank you very much for the announcement.
> I would like to know, about how this effect a lay Ubuntu user.
> Should I wait until DocBook XSL 1.70.0 is packaged ?
> Or, should I copy it somewhere into /usr/local/share/ ?
> I am currently using fop 0.20.5. I tried fop 0.9X with no luck.
> Has somene successfully  use Debian (or variant)  with
> fop 0.9X? Is it in a .deb package?

Hello Euis,

On Breezy it all works well, you just need to know how to setup manually since 
there will be no ubuntu deb for a time yet.

You should add the 1.70.0 folder to 

You should find the prev ver in 

I added a current folder as link so I can switch between versions

I think just point my catalogs or any direct imports in files directly at the 
new instance of docbook.

This will break your package management system. If you don't want to go that 
way, just install in your ~ and point there.

Regarding FOP. 0.9x works fine. I am using SunJava 1.5. Again FOP was manually 

Hope this helps,

Ask me about the Monkey.

Sean Wheller
Technical Author

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