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Subject: Keeping up with DocBook Project code changes

If you're interested in monitoring code changes committed to the
source for the docbook-xsl and docbook-xsl2 distributions, or
changes committed to other source maintained in the DocBook
Project source code repository at SourceForge (for example, the
sources for the DocBook 5 and DocBook 4.x schemas), there are
a few ways you can do it:

1. Syndicated feed from the CIA site (cia.navi.cx)

   To use your feed reader to get notifications of new
   commits/revisions and copies of commit messages for all changes
   checked into the repository, subscribe to the following feed:


   Along with the full text of each commit message, each feed
   entry also provides a link back to a summary Web page (through
   SourceForge's Subversion Web gateway) where you can find, among
   other things, links to color-coded diffs; for example:


2. Web page at the CIA site

   At the CIA website, there's a page for the DocBook Project:


   That page provides some stats and also a summary of commit
   messages for the most recent commits. It also provides links
   back to SourceForge's Subversion Web gateway (details above).

3. docbook-checkins mailing list

   To get notifications and diffs by e-mail, subscribe to the
   following mailing list:


Incidentally, the commit messages from all projects posting to the
CIA site also get mirrored to the #commits channel on
irc.freenode.net. So if you want a real-time view of what's going
on in development across a lot of projects (KDE, Gentoo, FreeBSD,
GNOME, ruby, many more) you can join that channel and spend a
little time watching the commits roll by...



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