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Subject: using the role attribute


I would like to be able to tag requirements in my documents but there are no requirements elements in Docbook. I read in a couple of places about using the "role" attribute to achieve this. I'm a newbie at XSL transfromations and stylesheets so I was wondering if I could get some help. Basically the plan is to tag the requirements with the example element (because its the closest to the form we are looking for) asnd set its role ="requirement".

eg. <example>


<para>Description of Req</para>



The 2 main pieces of functionality we are trying to achieve with this is to generate a listing of all requirements and a separate document containing all the requirements of all the documents processed in a given batch. Can you help me with making this XSL stylesheet (I have very limited experience)?


Dennis Ramdass

Dennis Ramdass
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Class of 2008

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