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docbook-apps message

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Subject: help desperately needed a.k.a. can't get any of the 3 major free xslt engines to work

A message from beyond the frayed ends of sanity:

I meticulously created command line examples of trying to use xalan,
saxon, and xsltproc. There are available, along with the source and
xsl files, at the address below. Please help me run these processors.


The original problem is that xsltproc borks while transforming this
one docbook 5 file with one (uncommented) <orderedlist> in it (using
the xsl 1 stylesheets).

In the words of another poster, all help is warmly welcomed.

BTW: xsltproc and (now) saxon are using the catalog - I verified
saxon's use by raising the debug level in CatalogManager.properties.
Xalan isn't, which is apparent from its output.

BTW #2: The version of docbook-xsl that the catalog points to is


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