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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] JAXP and docbook-xsl Stylesheets

Don Adams wrote:

> into valid XHTML and FO XML. I am having a major problem with
> the use of the non-breaking space code   in
> the docbook-xsl stylesheets. The cause of the problem 
> is perfectly described under "5. Be careful with 
> nonbreaking spaces" on this web page:
> http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/oreilly/java/news/javaxslt_0801.html

This is not perfect description, but complete mess. If you have problems 
displaying files containing Unicode character with code 160 (U+00A0), 
then your browser is unable to infer encoding used correctly. This can 
be due misconfigured HTTP server, but there could be other things that 
went wrong.

> To summarize, special characters in the docbook-xsl
> stylesheets are transformed into the actual special characters
> in the output of the transformation when the transformation
> method is selected as "xml".  So, for example, when
> a transformation is done into FO XML, a table title in the
> FO XML output contains "Table 1. xxxxx"; however, the spaces
> after the word "Table" and after "1." are not the ASCII space 
> character, they are a single character code 160
> (a non-breaking space) which is not valid in an XML file.

This character is perfectly valid in XML file. XML file can contain any 
Unicode character in element and attribute content.

>>From everything I've read, it seems like this is the
> correct behavior 

Seems that you have read wrong resources.

> Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?

You didn't show us your code which is dealing with JAXP. Could it be 
that you are using your own stream for writing output of transformation 
and you are setting incorrect encoding on this stream?


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