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Subject: * propogates style

I'm a DocBook newbie and just learned to use xxe, convert to html, and
style the result with css.  When I transform my docbook article to html,
it makes the article title and section titles all h2's.  To get the
article title to be larger than the other titles, I used
phrase.propogates.style and a definition for the custom class in my html
css style sheet.  That worked fine and I have a bigger article title text
now in my html page.

The only thing is that the custom class in my article title is still
enclosed by the same tags as the section titles (all h2's) so that I still
can't use a border on sections without having it applied to the article
title as well.  Is there any way to get a custom class that isn't enclosed
the same as before so it can be styled differently in all ways rather than
just the text?  Thanks.


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