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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Unexpected behavior for image insertion using WordML to DocBook scripts

Hi Mary,

The mediaobject title should pick up the immediately following  
imageobject-imagedata and construct the elements mediaobject/ 
imageobject/imagedata[@fileref] (I'm using XPath notation for  
convenience).  You won't get a figure because you haven't used figure- 

If you like, please send a small WordML document that illustrates  
what you are trying to achieve.

I don't currently support embedded graphics.  It is possible to do  
this, but would require some kind of extension to encode/decode the  
base64 encoding of the image.

BTW, the documentation (obviously) needs some work...

Steve Ball

On 15/11/2006, at 3:11 AM, Pike, Mary Ann-P63372 wrote:

> I have been playing with the WordML to DocBook conversion scripts  
> found
> on explain.com. They produce nice XML output, but I the images are not
> converting to the structures that seem to be indicated by the
> documentation.
> In my Word file, I have a paragraph of type imageobject-imagedata that
> contains only a file path to a graphic. The paragraph immmediately
> preceeding that is of type mediaobject-title and contains what I  
> intend
> to be a title for the graphic. Given the documentation for the
> conversion scripts, what I expect to see is a figure, containing a  
> media
> object that has a title and contains and image object that references
> the graphic.
> What I do see is a media object that has only a title, followed by a
> media object that contains an image object with my graphic  
> reference. No
> figure object. I also don't get any figure objects for graphics  
> that are
> currently embedded in the Word document (I will be changing all of  
> these
> embedded graphics to file references). The script documentation  
> seems to
> indicate that figure objects are created automatically for graphics.
> Can someone tell me:
> What is the proper way to use mediaobject-title so that I get the  
> title
> and the graphic within the same media object?
> Can I insert the figure-title item myself to create a captioned figure
> containing the media object that follows it? When (if ever) is a  
> figure
> object created automatically?
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> Mary Ann Pike
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