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Subject: need help overriding the caption template in the title.markup mode

When I edit this template directly in the distribution, the changes
take effect. When I put the change in my common.xsl (which is imported
as shown below), it does not take effect, as far as I can tell.

	<xsl:template match="caption" mode="title.markup">
		<xsl:param name="allow-anchors" select="0"/>
		<xsl:if test="count(preceding-sibling::tgroup)=0">
				<xsl:when test="$allow-anchors != 0">
					<xsl:apply-templates mode="no.anchor.mode"/>

Side Note: The if statement that wraps the choose statement is new -
it is there to prevent this template from doing anything if it is
encountered by one of the new db5 cals tables. I would just change the
match attribute on the template, but I don't think it would work in a
customization layer then.

Anyway, the code above appears in my common.xsl, which is imported as
follows in my html customization layer:

<xsl:import href="http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/xsl/current/html/docbook.xsl"/>
<xsl:import href="common.xsl"/>
<xsl:import href="ml_common.xsl"/>
<xsl:import href="ml_single_common.xsl"/>
<xsl:import href="html_common.xsl"/>

To the best of my knowledge, none of my other customization layer
templates override this one. (and I didn't even know this template was
the one I needed to modify until today)

So, will someone please inform me as to why my template (above) is not
taking effect when it is in my customization layer, but does take
effect when it is directly edited into common/titles.xsl?

When I say, "take effect," I mean that it eliminates the
caption-text-included-in-title problem as seen here:


Note, this only happens with version 5 cals tables that includes captions:

Finally, there is one more problem - fo output doesn't put a caption
at all - but I'll try to tackle that later.


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