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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: Fink and DarwinPorts packagers?

Le 4 févr. 2007 à 07:09, Mark Duling a écrit :

2007 at 8:51 PM -0800 wrote:
For improved handling/distribution of docbook-xsl releases, I'm
trying to put together a plan to work in closer coordination with
the people who are packaging docbook-xsl for different platforms/
distros. I'd like to get in contact with the maintainers of the
Fink and Darwinports docbook-xsl packages. Are you on this list?

Or to Fink and Darwinports users: If you can check your systems
and get my a name and e-mail address for the docbook-xsl packager,
I would much appreciate it.

It's Thomas Kotzian <thomas.kotzian@gmx.at>.
No more, I've taken over the maintainership since he was not reactive

What question is being answered here?
Just above the Fink maintainer of the docbook-xsl packages.
Is this a Fink maintainer? 

Of what
specific ports?
Actually of docbook-bundle, docbook-dssl-nwalsh, docbook-dssl-ldp, docbook-dtd, docbook-xsl, fop, for what is docbook-related.

The latest versions in Fink are:

docbook-dtd 4.5.0
fop 0.25.5
docbook-dssl-nwalsh 1.79
docbook-dsssl-ldp 1.12
docbook-xsl 1.71.1 




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