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Subject: XML Catalogs, DocBook5 Stylesheets and official URIs

Hi DocBook experts,

at the moment, I am experimenting with DocBook 5 and the DocBook5 XSL 
stylesheets (docbook5-xsl-snapshot.zip, see [1]). However, I have 
observed some issues with the XML catalogs between the 
docbook5-xsl-snapshot.zip and  docbook-xsl-snapshot.zip.

Both catalog.xml files have these entries:



Is this an oversight? According to the above catalog entries I am not able 
to distinguish between docbook5-xsl and docbook-xsl. I suspect there is 
no such distinction necessary, because in theory, there shouldn't be any 
differences. However, in practise there are some (to name the namespace 
issue, for example.)

So my question is if there is an "official URI" to distinguish between the 
both? Should we have one?


[1] http://docbook.sourceforge.net/snapshots/

Thomas Schraitle

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