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Subject: Putting block-container on top-left corner of page -- Re: [docbook-apps] Better-looking DocBook XSL-FO stylesheets?

Thank you Dave, Stefan, Sean, Jirka, Ray, and Keith for your responses.

I'm willing to publish my (upcoming?) customization as open license when it's "done" but I need to be able to do things that I could have been able to do so within a few seconds in InDesign ;-)

First problem is how do I put the chapter title, having some background color (rectangular) in the top-left corner of the page. I tried to change the titlepage of chapter but my added block never goes out.

Then I debugged the .fo, swapping things back-and-forth. Still not happening.

Furthermore using fo:block-container just removes the "block". Using fo:block doesn't support absolute-position=fixed.

How is it?

Hendy Irawan
Web: http://hendy.gauldong.net
Mobile: +62 856 24889899
Yahoo Messenger: ceefour666
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ceefour

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