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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] FOP 0.93: Cannot load fonts/NullPointerException

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jeff Powanda 
> I'm using the DocBook 1.72 XSL stylesheets with FOP 0.93. I 
> followed the Apache FOP instructions for regenerating font 
> metrics files, and I updated the FOP configuration file to 
> the new format. When I run FOP, I get the following exception.
> SEVERE: Exception
> java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot load font: failed to 
> create Source from metrics file SY______.xml
> It didn't seem to be loading any of the fonts. The 
> <font-base> in the configuration file was correct, so I don't 
> know why it couldn't load the files. I decided to update the 
> configuration file to use relative URLs based on the <base>. 
> When I ran FOP again, I got a NullPointerException:

Have you tried to use absolute URIs for either the <font-base> element or
the metrics-url attribute on the <font> elements? These methods work for me.

For example,



 <font metrics-url="file:///C:/Java/fop-0.93/conf/gara.xml" kerning="yes" 
	  <font-triplet name="Garamond" style="normal" weight="normal"/>


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