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Subject: HTML Indexes - A Solution

Jirka Kosek wrote:
> Simon Kennedy wrote:
>> > Can anybody with knowledge of the HTML autoidx.xsl code give me a quick
>> > overview of the steps the stylesheet goes through to produce the index.
>> > I'm trying to get my head around the code and I feel like the answers
>> > within reach but at the same time a long way away.
>> > I'm looking to create a template which returns a string containing the 
>> > initial letters of all the index terms.
>> > This string will be used to produce an alphabetical list with links to 
>> > indexdivs (I've already added some code to output an html anchor before 
>> > each indexdiv). The idea is to only produce links for those indexdivs 
>> > which have items under them and have a list of links at the top of the 
>> > page to go to the correct indexdiv.
> First part of the following article describes some parts of autoidx.xsl
> code:
> http://www.idealliance.org/proceedings/xml04/papers/77/xslindex.html
Thanks Jirka,

That helped a little, the templates still seem confusing but I have come 
up with a solution to my idea by using trial and error.

For anybody that may want to do the same you can see an example of the 
output here


And the xsl used to produce it here


(I have included comments to the code I've added)

Simon Kennedy

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