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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] specify ID of index.html for JavaHelp's homeID

Didn't gain any traction on this query, but I had some success on my own
by doing the following:

I added xml:id="top" to the root <book> element. After transforming
again with javahelp.xsl, I now have the following:

(in jhelpmap.jhm)
  <mapID target="top" url="index.html"></mapID>

This matches up with the ID specified in homeID, so index.html now loads
by default :)

- Brett

On 3/19/2007 8:38 PM, Brett Leber wrote:
> Hello list,
> I'm integrating a JavaHelp helpset, created with db5-xsl javahelp.xsl,
> into a Java application. In JavaHelp, you can specify the ID of the
> initial page that loads in the JavaHelp viewer. I'd like the index.html
> page to load, but it doesn't at present. The ID is specified in the
> helpset file (.hs) under <maps><homeID>; the ID-URL mapping is specified
> in the the javahelp map (.jhm), in a mapID element.
> How do I specify an ID for index.html? The javahelp.xsl transformation
> yields a mapID and homeID that are not useful.
> (from jhelpmap.jhm):
>   <mapID target="id4679642" url="index.html"/>
> (from jhelpset.hs):
>   <maps>
>     <homeID>top</homeID>
> I'm fine with <homeID>top</homeID>, but how do I change the target ID
> above? Do I just need an xml:id on my root element (book) before
> transforming?
> Thanks!
> Brett Leber

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