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Subject: Re: Keep together Option: DocBook PDF output

Hi All,

I am new to XML and XSL:FO. But with the help of some wonderful souls, I have been able to put together a customization layer. Everyday I have been learning new things. But I need help with the following issues that I am facing:

1. I need to enter the following in the header and footer parts of the document.


<Client Logo>                    <Application Name>              <Vendor Logo>


<Chapter Name>                     Confidential                              Page X of Y

How do I do this in the customization layer?

2. I am having an issue keep figure titles and figures together. Similarly Note title and the note together on the same page. I use FOP and I read that the Keep-together.within-column does not work. But I believe that there is a workaround.

3. The element Code justifies the sentence that I am typing out and it appears as:

The       blue            moon
and the          pink         sky

Is there a way to NOT justify the Code element?

4. I want to provide a style to the Action element. I am basically applying it to two words Step Action. In my document, this appears just before the start of a series of steps. For example:
Step Action

1. Click Save.
2. Click Close.

Basically, this is the exact same effect that Section Rule Lines (in Bob Stayton's DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide).

I would hugely appreciate if members of this community can help me with these issues or provide pointers.

Thanking you all,

Dishaa Ganapathy 
215 North Ave, NE 
Atlanta, GA 30308 
Tel: 678-925-2072|Email:
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."  - Marcel Proust

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