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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] which emacs mode for V5.0? nXML or psgml

> Which is the preferred mode for editing DocBook V5.0 docs? Which is
> the most popular? Is psgml being deprecated? Does psgml have a lot of
> features that are missing in nXML? I've got nXML working with a
> V5.0CR5 docbook.rnc. It seems pretty good.

I have been using DocBook 5.0 and nXML intensively for the last 3-4 months
and I'm very happy with it.

I have had to do a lot of customization layer hacking to satisfy the SAE
standards document style requirements, and I've had to write transforms to
convert custom XML specifications to DocBook tables.

The ability to register xsl files and apply them to XML within emacs using
xslt is fast and convenient.  The schema element completion <C-return> is
fast and helpful.

I keep an oXygen project current for the rest of the team and have
occasionally used oXygen's excellent debugging facilities, but for
day-to-day DocBook XML and customization layer work, I use emacs/nXML.

PSGML may be way better, but I haven't needed to try it.  Anyone?


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