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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] What is DiType?

Bob Stayton <bobs@sagehill.net>, 2007-06-24 15:35 -0700:

> You mentioned DiType as an XSL formatting engine in your previous mail. 
> What is DiType?  It seems to be XEP rewritten in another language? Free? On 
> the RenderX website, I find only a DiType Examples page, but no mention of 
> the software.  All I can find is a set of Wiki pages on it.  It mentions 
> Windows as a platform, but there is no downloadable for Windows.

DiType is an XEP workalike. My understanding is that it's a
complete rewrite (or from-scratch implementation) that David Tolpin did.

I don't think that it's been released yet, and if/when it does, I
would guess it will be released as a proprietary application, as
XEP is. But I don't know that for sure.



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