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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] closing <a name> tag

Are you sure that the <a name=""> tag is the problem?  I knocked up a  
quick piece of HTML:

     <a name="foo" />
     <p>A link to <a href="#foo">foo</a>

And that displays fine in Firefox (everything black except the "foo",  
which is a hyperlink).

I'm surprised that an <a name> tag would cause any text to look like  
an anchor, since that's not the purpose of <a name>

Could you post a little more of the surrounding HTML?


Geraint North
Principal Engineer

On 7 Sep 2007, at 10:45, Marie Sauvage - EBM WebSourcing wrote:

> Hi all !
> I have a problem with my html output. The automatic <a name...> are  
> generated like that :
> <a name="xxx" />
> but with this, Firefox doesn't consider it closed and all my text  
> is highlighted like an anchor. I would like to have the anchors  
> like that :
> <a name="xxx"></a>
> is there a parameter to set to force the closing tag to be added  
> and not to have the closing / in the tag ?
> or could you help me in where (and/or how) to find the template to  
> correct ?
> thank you in advance,
> Marie.
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