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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Help fpr some Website customization

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Pedro Pastor
> 1)       I'd like to be able to change the configuration of 
> the webpage footer. For example, 
> a.       The "next" and "prev" links appears in the far 
> bottom line and I prefer to have them in the first line of 
> the footer (and also be able to change the text and 
> properties of these links).
> b.       The "copyright" sub-section of the footer gets an 
> extra level (<span class="footcopy"><span class="copyright">. 
> </span></span>) producing a spurious "extra line" in that 
> part of the footer (and producing the "next and "prev" links 
> going deeper down to the page).

> 3)       I'd like to introduce an "up" navigation link either 
> in the footer (together with "next" and "prev") or in the 
> "navigation header".

I don't have any quick solutions, but for footer customizations in general,
look closely at the template named "webpage.footer" in website-common.xsl.
It outputs a table with 3 rows.

For ideas on implementing an "Up" link, see the template named
"footer.navigation" in html/chunk-common.xsl.

That's all I can offer for now...


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