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Subject: Re: TASKS: [docbook-apps] Re: chunk.toc and footnote

"Dick Hamilton" <rlhamilton@frii.com> wrote in message 
> Gennadiy,
> I suspect that this is a known problem that was fixed after about
> version 1.70 of the stylesheets.  However, I don't know the exact
> history.  Maybe someone else on the list does.
> What I found was that when I ran your example with the latest
> stylesheets I have (1.73.0), the footnote ended up in the right
> place.  But, when I ran it with earlier versions (like 1.70.0),
> it failed as you describe.
> So, you may want to try the latest version and see if that
> solves the problem.
> Regards,
> Dick Hamilton

Thanks, Dick

Worked like a charm.


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