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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] ulink in oXygen - 2 newbie-ish questions

Hi Thomas & everyone

(b.t.w - sorry Thomas, sent this to your private account by mistake 
before, didn't mean to)

 > From the above error message, it seems that you are using DocBook 5. 
In version 5, ulink is removed. Use link instead.

Aaah thanks, that makes sense.  Fixed now.

Re title element in HTML links:
 >  <link xlink:href="whateveraddress"        xlink:title="additional 
explainy bit">...</link>
 > You have to declare the XLink namespace somewhere, usually in the 
root element.

Done, thanks.

oXygen seems happy with that, but the xlink:title isn't getting used in 
the transform at present.  Which makes sense to me, because the 
"transformation scenario" I'm applying is one of the pre-installed ones 
in oXygen called "DocBook HTML", using a file "docbook.xsl", so I guess 
it probably knows nothing of XLink!

so how can I make the xlink:title get converted to a HTML title
attribute in the resulting HTML document?  Would it be something to do
with the "Additional XSLT stylesheets" option in the "transformation
scenario"?  I'm looking at this page:
"The transformation scenarios allow you to specify additional XSLT 
stylesheets that will be executed in cascade on the output of the main 
stylesheet of the scenario."

If it is that, then presumably I need another XSLT (or would it just be 
.xsl?) file that deals with XLink.  Not sure where I'm supposed to look 
for that.

(of course I can edit the HTML manually to put in the title attributes, 
so that is my fall-back position, and there aren't that many of them as 
it happens, but a built-in way would be nicer)

Hope these questions aren't annoyingly feeble and just the result of me
not having read the right things yet.  Feel free to point me at
manuals/tutorials etc.

Thanks again for all clues


New blog:  www.uncharted-worlds.org/blog/

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