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Subject: Re: xsl:call-template: misplaced xsl:apply-imports

Hi Bob, thanks for your kind reply!

Bob Stayton wrote:
> As you found out, the body of a xsl:call-template can only take 
> xsl:with-param children, not any other content such as that generated by 
> xsl:apply-imports.
> The basic problem is that this template:
>    <xsl:template match="link" name="link">
> was not written to accept the hot text as a parameter.  Instead, you 
> should look at the template named "simple.xlink" which is used by the 
> "link" template.  The "simple.xlink" templates takes both linkend and 
> content parameters.  Put the apply-imports into the content parameter.

I thought about it, but <xsl:template match="link" name="link"> does 
some fairly complicated content processing which I am reluctant to 
maybe it is possible to abstract it out so that I can use it in my 


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