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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] xinclude mod and catalogs

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Johnson, Eric 
> <group xml:base="file:///c:/dcbk/custom/">
>   <system systemId="xinclude.mod" uri="xinclude.mod" />
>   <systemSuffix systemIdSuffix="xinclude.mod" uri="xinclude.mod"/>
> </group>
> oXygen likes the systemSuffix entry and xmlcatalog likes the system
> entry. However, xsltproc and xmllint both refuse to resolve the entity
> and throw up warnings everytime...
> Any idea on what I've missed?

I can confirm that the Apache XML Commons Resolver (which Oxygen uses)
happily resolves <systemSuffix> entries, and that xmlcatalog (libxml version
20630) does not.

Do xsltproc and xmllint throw warnings when you have both <system> and
<systemSuffix> entries in the catalog file? I could not reproduce that. If
there is a valid <system> entry, I don't get any errors or warnings.


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