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Subject: Weird olink database error

In my travails to move a build system from xsltproc based to Saxon
based, I've hit several snags where the output from xsltproc and Saxon
are different using the exact same style sheets. I've been asking
questions here, because I suspect the users here would have more
familiarity with the complete toolset that users on other lists. If that
is incorrect, I will redirect my questions to the more appropriate list.

The latest snag I've hit is that when building the olink target data
base using the xhtml chunking sheet set to only build the target
database, Saxon adds a blank line followed by the XHTML DOCTYPE to the
top of the file. I worked around this by switching to the html version
of the style sheet, but since we generate the docs in xhtml, it would be
better if I could use the xhtml version. Again, I'm using the same
customization layer, just different XSLT processors. Style sheet version
1.73.1 with xsltproc is fine. Style sheet version 1.73.1 with Saxon
creates extra stuff.

Do I need to use the Saxon extensions to clear this up? 

Many Thanks for the help,

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