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Subject: RE: styling links

Brett Leber [mailto:bleber+@cs.cmu.edu] wrote:

> Not sure who maintains the xhtml stylesheets, but it might be a nice 
> improvement to drop the <a> anchors altogether and just use the id 
> attribute on elements, which can be linked to using the standard <a 
> href="#blah">:
> With regard to browser support, the article linked above has:
> > Note that Netscape 4 does not properly support this, 
> neither do some mobile browsers. In the case of the latter, 
> at least, we can expect them to add support for this in the 
> foreseeable future, whereas those who still have to support 
> Netscape 4 will be less fortunate.

Does anyone actually care about Netscape 4 anymore?

I know that linking to other elements with "id" attributes works in
later versions of Netscape, as well as in Firefox and recent versions of
IE. I've pretty much abandoned the empty <a> tag approach myself.

Rob Cavicchio 
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