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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] passing to stylesheets

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Douglas Wade 
> My next question is that I want to pass a variable to a 
> stylesheet or know the current working directory and use a 
> case statement inside the customization file. I have half 
> dozen documents all in there respective folders. 
> For example, I have the following folders: 
> DesktopInstructions, GettingStarted, Coding, TipOfTheDay, 
> UserGuideSGML, and  Training. I use a perl script to create 
> all or any of them or one a time. I use the same 
> customization files for all documentation. 
> I want to use html.base but I need to add the unique folder 
> name on the end after the com slash. 
> <!-- Adds the base directive -->
> <xsl:param name="html.base">href=" techdata.is.ngc.com/ 
> "</xsl:param>
> I would like it to look like
> <xsl:param 
> name="html.base">href="techdata.is.ngc.com/UserGuideSGML./ 
> "</xsl:param>

I'm not completely sure I understand what you want.

Passing a parameter to a stylesheet at runtime is easy: 

Getting the current working directory in Perl is not difficult either:

Does this help in any way, or am I only pointing out obvious things that you
already know? 

Note that there should not be any 'href=' in the value of the html.base
parameter; it should only contain the URI.


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