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Subject: XSLT for HTML from CALSTables


I am trying to use the latesst DocBook CALS html stylesheet. I seem to be missing some bits:

There are some variables/params not defined. I assume these are in a calling or included stylesheet. Where would this be?

There are a number of functions, such as "adjustColumnWidths". Would these be supported in my Saxon 7 processor? Or do I need to get these from somewhere?


I inherited an earlier version of this stylesheet. It basically runs, but column widths are ignored,

and anything inside a span drops out. There seems to be code to handle these things, but it doesn't work. I absolutely need column widths and spans

to be fully supported, and I am hoping I can get it working with this latest stylesheet.



Debra Lee Carlin

Senior Systems Analyst

Fort Worth Technical Publications

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

PO Box 748 Fort Worth, TX 76101 MZ 1050

ph 817.763.6077 fx 817.763.6200


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