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Subject: xrefs to titles.


In the attached document I have 2 <xref/> elements. One points to a
sect1. The other points to the title of the sect1.

When I convert it to PDF the <xref/> to the sect1 becomes a hyperlink,
but the <xref/> to the title does not. In both cases, the generated
text is correct.

When I convert it to HTML, both <xref/>s become hyperlinks, but the
one that points to the title is broken. Again, in both cases, the
generated text is correct.

I'm using the 1.73.2 stylesheets, processing them to HTML and FO using
xsltproc and converting the FO to PDF with FOP. There are no errors
when generating the HTML, but when generating the PDF, FOP prints the

andrewmcf@andrewmcfarland$ fop aam.fo aam.pdf
31-Jan-2008 16:11:30 org.apache.fop.area.RenderPagesModel checkPreparedPages
WARNING: Page 1: Unresolved id reference "bar" found.

Is this a bug in the XSLT or a bug in the end user?

You did not read the manual
Our tech writer is sad
Locked in the toilet, he is  crying
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE article PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.5//EN"
  <title>Link Test</title>

    <title>dolor sit amet</title>

    <para>Link to sect1: <xref linkend="foo" /></para>

    <para>Link to title: <xref linkend="bar" /></para>


  <sect1 id="foo">
    <title id="bar">Donec consequat odio</title>

    <para>Curabitur ultrices mi sit amet sem cursus auctor.</para>

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