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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: Request For Clarification: Indexterm processingin auto-index generation.

Bob Stayton wrote:
> FrameMaker's online help index uses this format:
> cats [1]
> dogs [1] [2]
> where the [1] is the hot text that takes you to the point destination.  
> All entries have [1], and any duplicates get more numbers.  It is pretty 
> obvious that those are not page numbers.
> Just another suggestion.

My basic point is that the author should identify duplicates
(perhaps from viewing the presented format) and do something about it.
If he|she doesn't then they get a default (Bobs suggestion, as per
Tony G) seems based on finding an alternative for n page numbers.
   It would be really nice to find something more web oriented.

 From the above suggestion, and keeping it even simpler, how about


where the primaryindex content is made 'hot'?
Each links to a different point in the text (IMHO it should
be the point of the indexterm, not the wrapper, which makes tdg wrong
in my book)
so it will be useful, just glaringly obvious that
something is needed to differentiate them.


Dave Pawson

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