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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Once again french hyphenation

Hi Jacques,

On Sonntag, 16. März 2008, Jacques Foucry wrote:
> I still have trouble with french hyphenation. I use the frhyp_rx.tex
> file wich is part of XEP.
> As Jirka said, I've customize this file with a \hyphenation{} section
> and it almost works.
> But with I add words with accent, those words are not used in my
> result PDF.
> For example, I have a bad hyphenation for the word spéc-ifique, I put
> "spé-ci-fi-que" in this file but the result stay as spéc-ifique.
> So the problem is the accents. What is the trick to make it working
> even with the accents ?
> My file is UTF-8 encoded.

Maybe it has something to do with a missing encoding attribute in your XEP 
config file?

  <language name="French" codes="fr fra fre">
     <hyphenation pattern="frhyph_rx.tex" encoding="UTF-8"/>
     <!--                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -->

What I experienced with the file is, you have to be very careful to edit 
the hyphenation pattern file. If your editor suspects it in UTF-8, but it 
is really ISO-8859, the file contains the wrong encoding after you have 
saved it.

See also the following URL, there might be other options. For example, you 
can/could(?) use the LaTeX notation for accented characters:


Hope that gives you an idea,

Thomas Schraitle

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