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Subject: Xref to Step in Hard Coded Order


in one of my documents I have an xref that points to a step. In English, 
you get this (maybe with page number, but it's omitted for clarity):

  see Step 7.

However, there are languages that prefer another order of the number and 
title. For example, in Hungarian it would be:

 see Lépés 7.

I know there is a template "step" in mode "xref-to" that is probably the 
place to customize it. However, I would prefer to write it in a more 
language independent way. My idea was to define the format in each of its 
language files and call a template to get this format---as a xref to a 
chapter would normally do. I assume it could be one of the templates in 
common/gentext.xsl but I'm a bit unsure which one to use.

What would you recommend? Which is the best method to customize a xref to 
a step in a language independent way?


Thomas Schraitle

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