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Subject: Rendering PNG Images Using Various FO Tools

At 2:02 PM -0700 4/16/08, Harry Goldschmitt wrote:
>I've been struggling for almost a week trying to create PDF output 
>from fo files with PNG images in them.  I know that fop 0.94 can 
>handle certain PNGs, since some of my PNGs and the annotation PNGs 
>work.  Unfortunately, many of them don't.  I've also tried fop 
>0.95beta1, with similar results.
>The PNGs display fine in browsers, when I convert to html, and with 
>the ImageMagick display command, XnView and Graphic Convertor on my 
>The PNGs were generated by various authors, so I can't easily 
>recreate them with another tool.  I have been able to create my PDF 
>by first converting the PNGs to PDFs using ImageMagick convert and 
>then using RenderX's XEP to process the fo.  Unfortunately, the free 
>version of XEP stamps the bottom of each page.  I've tried editing 
>and saving with XnView.
>I've tried converting the PNGs to BMPs, JPGs, GIFs, TIFFs, EPSs and 
>SVGs (inkscape).
>I'm also trying to use the xfc-42p1 fo2rtf command with similar 
>results, except it can't handle PDF files.
>What I'd like, ideally, is a canned convert command to process the 
>PNGs so they can be handled by both fop and fo2rtf.
>I've tried assorted convert commands like
>convert -flatten
>with no luck.
>I've also tried comparing PNGs fop is having problems with to those 
>that it doesn't using identify and pngcheck.  There are differences, 
>but when I try to use convert to fix them it doesn't seem to help.

Since I've had so many responses to this, I thought I'd add a tarball 
with what I'm trying to do.



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