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Subject: Make better use of IDs in the HTML stylesheets?

Hi there

When generating HTML from DocBook XML, structures (such as tables or
appendices) with ids generate HTML like this:

    <div class="appendix" lang="en">
      <h2 class="title" style="clear: both"><a name="appendix_a"
id="appendix_a"></a>A.&nbsp;Databases to be backed up</h2>

      <div class="glosslist">

That's from XML like this:

  <appendix id="appendix_a">
    <title>Databases to be backed up</title>


Now I want to write CSS to style this appendix. The problem is that I
can't write a selector for an *ancestor* of the A element with the id.
To target the structure I have to insert e.g. a dummy paragraph
*before* the structure and style it with 'display: none'. Then I can
write CSS like 'p#dummy + div'. Eugh.

Consider putting the id in a place that actually identifies the entire
named section?

jean . .. .... //\\\oo///\\

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