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Subject: Title placement and guibuttons with a frame around -> FO output

Hey folks!

I've tried to customize my title with the customization layer, but it
didn't solve my problem.
At the moment my title's are formatted like the following:

    1.   |This is my long title with a

And i want to create such like this:

    1.   |This is my long title with a

I've only found how i could insert special characters to the title. But
i think i must make a list/table or a floating block on the right or
such like this. But there is no way in the customization layer.

The second question i wrote a little time ago, but i received only an
answer for html output. So i try to describe it in detail.
I want a border/frame around my guibutton elements in the pdf. I used
docbook-xsl-1.72.0 with saxon 6.5.5 and xep 3.8.4 to render my pdf.
But i think it's a problem to describe it in fo. So i want an inline
It should look like this (in one line!):
| OK |

Another example:
Something like "ein GUI-Button" oder "eine Taste".

Big Thanks,


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