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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] How to generate TOC for article/appendix (usingFOP)

Dave Pawson wrote:
> Are you using the <toc/> element in your source file?

No, I'm not.

Should I? It appears that it isn't always needed to do so since a toc
for the main article is generated "automagically", without the source
having any reference to a <toc/> element, provided that I remove any
"generate.toc" parameter from the customization layer.

When introducing a toc element as a child element of the appendix, the
result of the xsl transform in the PDF is as follows:

1. *without* any "generate.toc" parameter at all in the customization layer:

Result in PDF:
   - a toc for the main article (as described above)
   - no toc for the appendix

2. *with* the following "generate.toc" parameter in the customization layer:

<xsl:param name="generate.toc"> \
		article   toc,title \
		appendix  toc,title \
		article/appendix toc,title \
		preface   nop \
		reference nop \
		section   nop </xsl:param>

Result in PDF:
- no toc for main article
- no toc for appendix

Not any of these results make much sense to me ...


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