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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Specify XHTML "<a title=..." in "<ulink ..."?

On 2008-10-07 09:44, Bob Stayton wrote:
> I'd suggest customizing the whole template with match="ulink" from  
> xhtml/xref.xsl.  It is only 35 lines long, and you could put the title  
> attribute on the <a> element rather than a span.

Thanks, Bob and Michael, for your suggestions. The approach of
copying the ulink-template seems to work fine.

(I didn't want to work with invalid XML, because this makes it
harder to find real errors. I like the "^c^n" to find the next
error in Emacs' nxml-mode.)

> Wouldn't that give you  
> better behavior in browsers to display the title when hovering?

I didn't notice any difference in Firefox 3, so I will probably
stay with my naïve approach, but replace role with xreflabel.


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