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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] icon for chapter number on the edge of page

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Lily Galle 
> My docBook ist double-sided. I would like to set one small 
> icon on the outside of each page.   In the icon is the 
> chapter number. In the CHAPTER ONE there is "1" in the icon. 
> In the CHAPTER TWO, there is "2" in the icon. 
> This icon should be POSITIONED differently. In the CHAPTER 
> ONE it has a distance of "3in" to the top of the page. In the 
> CHAPTER TWO it has a distance of "4in" to the top of the page. 
> Could someone tell me how to manage it? Thanks.

In the message you sent to docbook-apps on 15 October, you explain how you
have failed in using floating sidebars to display a chapter number icon in
the margin (at the outside edge). 

It is possible that a solution involving floats could work. In fact, it's
the only mechanism available for placing content on the "outside" of left
and right pages. However, it seems a bit awkward to use <sidebar> in the
source document in order to output the floats; it would be more appropriate
to let a customized stylesheet handle that.

But first you need to make sure that your FO processor supports floats. I
presume that you use FOP (from the message you sent on 1 October), which
means that you are out of luck. FOP does not support floats. See

So if you can, try another FO processor. XEP is a good choice. 


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