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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Docbook to FrameMaker

> Well, I don't need FrameMaker to be a DocBook editor. I just 
> need to get the DocBook document into Frame, with most of 
> the markup preserved. I don't mind having to reformat a little 
> in FrameMaker, and I certainly don't need to go back to DocBook 
> after that.

Ah, a one-way, one-time conversion. That is somewhat easier.

But to get Frame to read the XML at all, you still need to have a DocBook-specific EDD. It can take days or weeks to write a good EDD.

You might have better luck starting with Steve Whitlach's DocBook to Frame projects at http://www.swhitlat.com/docbook.php. He's already done part of the work for you. For a one-time conversion, it might get you most of the way there.

Best of luck.

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