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Subject: DocBook XSL Java build environment

Hi all.  So I am once again struggling with setting up the build environment 
for a DocBook project.  Because I need multi-file output I'm using the Xalan-J 
parser, which has its own lengthy toolchain behind it.

I'm running the build on (K)Ubuntu 8.10, which has packages for nearly 
everything in that toolchain.  Specifically, I have the following installed;


All create the appropriate files or symlinks in my existing classpath save the 
last one, which has a version number in its file name.  I therefore simply 
created a symlink for it.  When I try to run the build script through ant, I 
get the following error:

Could not find com.elharo.xml.xinclude.SAXXIncluder. Make sure you have it in 
your classpath

According to locate, there is no file named SAXXIncluder anywhere.  My 
build.xml file specifies the following class-path related info:

<property name="saxon.jar" value="/usr/share/java/saxon.jar"/>
<property name="resolver.jar" value="/usr/share/java/resolver.jar"/> (symlink)
<property name="xerces.jar" value="/usr/share/java/xerces.jar"/> 
<property name="xincluder.jar" value="/usr/share/java/xincluder.jar"/>
<path id="xslt.processor.classpath">
  <pathelement path="${saxon.jar}" />
  <pathelement path="${resolver.jar}" />
  <pathelement path="${xerces.jar}" />
  <pathelement path="${xincluder.jar}" />
  <pathelement path="."/> <!-- for CatalogManager.properties -->

So what exactly am I missing here?  Is there another jar file I need to 
reference?  Is there a 3rd party download I need from somewhere?  Is the file 
actually on my system somewhere and I just don't know how to reference it?  

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to un-confuse me? :-(

Side note: Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans on the list, and those who just 
want an excuse to eat turkey. :-)

Larry Garfield

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