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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] How to add a Flash swf to a docbook xslt

Paul Norton wrote:
> a simplified approach which includes the embed tag as the
> alternative content within the object tag. 

That seems likely to work.  Due to the apparent age of the document, I'd 
test it in all the browsers I want to support to be sure, though.

> It doesn't seem to have the
> javascript that Warren mentioned, so I'm not sure if there's a more robust
> approach out there.

Since you don't need to generate the <object> vs. <embed> tag with this 
approach, the main thing you lose out on is the ability to detect the 
installed Flash version and react appropriately.  If you have any 
version of Flash at all, it's likely you'll get a useful diagnostic from 
the player if it's too old.  And, it saves you the need for the 
<noscript> tag.

Basically, doing it this way makes it as robust as blindly using any 
other modern format you can't count on being supported; svg, canvas, 
mathml...  I wouldn't do it in my own code, but I'd rather see something 
basic like this in the standard DocBook stylesheets than nothing at all 
due to the "right way" being too complicated.

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