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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Consistent libxslt error

Hi Karen,

The messages you see are described in Bob Stayton's DocBook XSL: The
Complete Guide, here:

Using DocBook 4 stylesheets with DocBook 5

The original DocBook XSL stylesheets written for Docbook 4 documents
would not normally work with DocBook 5 documents. That's because a
pattern match in an XSL template must match on any namespace as well
as the local name of an element. When you process a DocBook 5 document
with the original stylesheets, none of the pattern matching templates
include the DocBook 5 namespace, so none of the templates will match
any elements in the document.

The stylesheets work around this problem with a simple mechanism. If
the stylesheet detects a document whose root element is in the DocBook
5 namespace, it first copies the entire document into a variable while
stripping out the namespace from all the elements. The stylesheet then
converts the variable into a node set, and applies templates to the
node set normally. Because the elements in the node set are no longer
in the DocBook 5 namespace, its elements will match the patterns in
the original stylesheets. All this takes place automatically before
the actual processing starts.

The result is that you can process DocBook 5 documents with the same
commands as for DocBook 4 documents. You will see these messages
indicating what is going on:

Stripping namespace from DocBook 5 document.
Processing stripped document.


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