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Subject: XInclude error : detected a recursion - harmless but irritating?

Hi.  I have created an set of DocBook documents that is tightly linked
with modular content.  The books each use xi:include to share content
from other books.  This is a highly formal document structure and I
need to have common sections in each document.  So by design, the
files are both sharing content *from* other files and sharing content
*with* those very same files.

The xi:includes are resolving correctly, the resolved documents are
valid, and everything is publishing correctly.  However, each time
xmllint detects that a DocBook file xi:includes an element from a file
that is also xi:including elements from it, it writes the following

     file-you-are-including-from.xml:105: element include: XInclude
error : detected a recursion in file-you-are-including-into.xml

This seems to be a benign error in my case.  Maybe it would be more
precise for xmllint to call it a warning and indicate that it detected
a "possible recursion"?

Is there any way to configure xmllint to ignore this case?  I hate to
see errors in the publishing log.

I am using xpointer to select specific elements that have IDs.
XMLMind Professional 4.0 is writing the xi:include format.

     <xi:include href="my-source-docbook-file.xml" xpointer="MyElementID"
                      xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude"; />

The xmllint version is "xmllint: using libxml version 20616."



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