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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Formatting of refsynopsisdiv section inmanpages broken with 1.74.3

Ralph Bhme <ralph@rsrc.de>, 2009-04-26 06:46 +0200:

>  Am 26.04.2009 um 06:07 schrieb Michael(tm) Smith:
> > Ralph Bme <ralph@rsrc.de>, 2009-04-23 12:47 +0200:
>  In the meantime I've found the cause:
>  in manpages/inline.xml these lines:

[code that attempts to transform indexterms into groff comments]

>  It has at least two problems:
>  o .\" doesnt force a newline _before_ .\", so in my case it
>    start in the middle of a line which is not legal afaict
>  o the formatting flow is still broken after inserting another
>    &#10; before .\"
>  After removing the entire thing it works as expected.

Thanks very much for troubleshooting it and figuring that out.
The cause of that is code I added between the releases. For the
next release, I will either just remove the code or fix it so that
it embeds the comments without causing formatting problems. (But
since the indexterm data is really not useful in groff, I will
likely just remove that code so that I don't have to spend time
trying to figure out how to make it work correctly).


Michael(tm) Smith

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