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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook images/graphics. Where do you keep them?

> Which works fine... so long as the reader, And Bobs site, are on line?


Let me see if I understand your problem (sorry if I'm underestimating
your knowledge): you generate an HTML file using the docbook-xsl
stylesheets, and you want to make sure you can put the HTML file
online and make sure that the pictures still work (or, alternatively,
make sure you can package the HTML file such that anybody opening it
locally can still see the pictures?)

If you generate an HTML file, AFAIK, all figure references are
relative to the html file generated (i.e. they are searched for in the
images/ subdir below the dir where the HTML file resides). So, if you
make sure you package the images dir together with the HTML file, or
make sure that the images dir is in the same dir as the HTML file,
you'll be fine.

If you're not happy with a relative path below the generated HTML
(e.g. because you want to share the images between multiple
documents), you can set a parameter instructing docbook-xsl to output
a different path for the <img src='...'/> elements it generates. For
example, you could tell it to prepend
"http://example.com/book/graphics/"; to every image in the resulting
HTML document.


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